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kids say the darnest things

This is a response from one of my students on the writing section of her Achievement Test. The topic was about the different types of social comparison (upward and downward). I teach English to native Korean students. This girl is, I believe, an 11-year old 6th grade student.

There are two kinds of social comparison, which is upward and downward. I think I am both of them. I sometimes compare upward and sometimes I think downward. I compare upward when I see a pretty person because for example that person has big eyes, long skinny legs, small face, and tall, but I don’t have them. Also, if my friend get perfect score or she’s smart, I would compare upward. I compare downward when I see a stupid, ugly person. For example, if that person got really bad score, I would think downward. Overall, I think I compare myself downward and upward.

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