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Weddings always make me teary-eyed

“Congratulations, my friend. You’re gonna have a beautiful life,” I told him as I embraced the newly wedded man. I fought to hold back tears. On one hand, I felt indescribably happy for this man I considered a close friend. I knew he felt strongly for his wife Lisa. I knew just in the way I saw him carry himself that he felt an immense conviction to love this woman. The strength of the feelings in him emanated; I could feel them, and I was envious. Envious of something, though I’m not sure of what exactly. It could have been that he was done searching. David found a mate that he would hope to spend the rest of his life with. It could have been that I was envious of him feeling that strongly for someone because perhaps I want to do the same again one day. I hope to do the same again one day. Tears weld up in my eyes. I tried to hold them back, but they were affecting my speech. As I put my hands on his shoulders, I drew him in again to squeeze my affection into this dear friend of mine. I almost wanted to remind him how excited he should be at the amazing life ahead of him, but I was sure he was well aware. Perhaps not to the full extent of how amazing his life will be, which probably for him, is unfathomable.

On this day, I re-recognized the value of appreciation. Finding something beautiful, in many respects, is being able to appreciate. Often, the things that we find beautiful are objects, people, ideas and elements of our life that we can value. For instance, if you are a basketball fan and you appreciate the game, you can see and appreciate how beautifully Kobe Bryant plays the game. As a basketball fan, I admire the way he’s made the game into a form of art. The way he approaches the game mentally, his technical form, his presence on the court in the form of leadership and his shear tenacity and his killer instinct to win is what makes the way he plays so remarkable. To many, basketball is just a sport. Even to a lot of basketball players, it is still a two-dimensional game that many see as a combination of athletic ability and technical skill. But for those who can really appreciate the game of basketball, you know that it is so much more. Another example I think of is wine. To me, wine is wine. They’re fermented grapes. I don’t whether a wine is dry, has a lot of tannins, half-body or full body. And to me, they all taste the same. Bad. But, it’s because I can appreciate how diverse wines can be. I can’t appreciate the intention behind each flavor and taste of a wine. For the wine connoisseur, however, he or she knows it all. Therefore, when they taste a wine they really like, they embrace it and really really like it. Getting back to my point, when you find a woman, man or partner that you like and perhaps want to spend the rest of your life with, you must find that individual beautiful. And in order to find a person beautiful, you also have to appreciate facets of people: the way the corners of her mouth curl when she smiles, the pitch of her laugh, the types of laughs she possesses, her smell that consists of the collection of distinct fragrances saturated in her hair, on her skin and in her clothes. In a way, finding someone beautiful is a celebration of life, its smells, its sounds, the sighs and everything in between and indescribable. Bottom line:  it’s a beautiful thing to find someone beautiful.

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